Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've had so many thoughts over the past few days. 

I was sitting on my front patio listening to my kiddos chatter about their day at school and watching them twirl around the lawn as the first signs of spring had finally made their way to our Northern climate.  I looked at the sky, put my sunglasses on and did a silent "thank you God for this beautiful day" as I soaked in the blessings of this life.

And then my phone beeped.  It was a simple message from my sister who lives in Boston.

"Just heard that the Boston Marathon was bombed!"

I sat and stared at my kids as I immediately began the round of questions in my head...who would do this?  What is happening to this world?  Will my kids know what it's like to live in peace?

As I looked at my oldest son, who had now climbed up to the top of his favorite tree, I wondered...what does it feel like for God to look down upon his children and see all that we have become?  If I feel such sadness as I try to get a grasp on how my children are growing up, what does our Heavenly Father feel when He sees the choices we've made and the ways that we've disregarded Him?  How much must He ache when He looks down upon our fallen world?

I pulled my thoughts together and gave a half smile as my daughter came bouncing around the corner with sidewalk chalk...

And then I embraced one of the greatest treasures I've been given in this life.  The treasure of being a mother.  The treasure of loving something so dearly that I would give anything to make their world better...safer...happier. 

If I can love something so much, how much more does our Daddy love us?

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