Friday, April 23, 2010

Our City...

I know I have been MIA these past few weeks with regards to my blog, but I assure you it’s not for any particular reason short of the crazy pace of our lives nowadays.

The ministry is moving along at a great pace and we are currently in the process of getting renovations begun on the storefront! On top of that, we are busy with Bible studies and trying to get to know some of the people from town and spending many hours per week with our “core” leadership team. Keep your eyes peeled for an update mailing which will feature pictures of the storefront as well as the unveiling of our new website!! If we don’t have your address, and you’d like to be included in this mailing, please contact me.

God has been so good to us!

However, the reality is that our lives here are very different than they were in suburban Charlotte. I opened the paper today and read this article and wanted to pass it on as a call to pray.

Crime in Gloversville seems to be on the rise and this article is proof of the problems we’re facing. This riot occurred just blocks away from our ministry site. Drugs are a very major problem here and the city is crumbling before our eyes. It can feel overwhelming at times.

And yet…

Praise God that He wants to reign in this city and Praise God that He has called us to be part of His plan!

Please pray for the people of this city and for their hearts to be opened to His. Please pray.

(See Newspaper Article Below):

Array of weapons used in what police call ‘riots’
By KAYLEIGH KARUTIS, The Leader-Herald
POSTED: April 22, 2010

GLOVERSVILLE - Several disturbances escalated into what police described as "riots" on city streets Tuesday, requiring the help of other area agencies to restore order.

The disturbances began Tuesday afternoon on East Pine Street as a neighborhood dispute attracted about 100 onlookers. Capt. James Lorenzoni said the officer responding to the call observed a man push a female and then advance toward a crowd of onlookers.

The suspect then came at the officer, screaming, "I'm going to [expletive] kill you." He threw a metal lawn chair at him, and hit him in the legs with a child's bicycle, Lorenzoni said.

Two officers arrived to see the suspect attacking the officer and wrapping him in a "bear hug."
The suspect's father then engaged a second officer in a fight, Lorenzoni said. Eventually, officers restored order and placed three individuals, including the original suspect, his father and a woman, under arrest. The suspects, whose names were not available this morning, were charged with a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, including harassment, assault, menacing, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and obstructing governmental administration.

The officer who responded to the scene first escaped with just minor injuries, Lorenzoni said.
"We were very fortunate that there were no serious injuries," he said.

Another large disturbance began around 7 p.m. on Burr Street as an unidentified man began yelling from his vehicle at people in the street. The disturbance was quickly quelled, but flared up again a few hours later when a person hit another passing vehicle with an unidentified object, police said.

That incident escalated into multiple fights involving weapons, including shovels, bats, rocks, boards, belts and a piece of steel with a chain attached to one end. The entire available shift of Gloversville officers - three men - was sent to the riot.

The man who had been driving his vehicle down the road was struck with the chain, causing injuries, officials said. Numerous other fights took place over the next several hours, and city officers called for help from all other available units in the area. Officers responded to the scene repeatedly in an attempt to restore order, but were unable to do so until around midnight.
One of the victims in the fight was seriously injured and brought to Albany Medical Center Hospital. Further details about the victim were not available this morning. People also reported damage to vehicles.

Personal Note: This article appeared with two other articles on the front page:

The other two articles were about a major drug sting also just blocks from our ministry site AND an article about how break-ins have gone up in the last 6 weeks, with many focusing on area churches and businesses. One of the businesses was across the street from our facility.

Please pray. God has us here at a very critical time. Pray for protection and wisdom as we move forward.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend!

We had a great Easter Weekend with family and new friends! Surprisingly, it was 75 degrees for Easter weekend!