Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out my window...

I'm sitting here on my computer as I look out my back window at the gorgeous view.

The sun is shining...the snow is covering the ground and the trees are glistening.

The temperature is warm (that's what NYers say when it's above 25) and the day is just beautiful....


That's not what makes it beautiful to me.

To me; this is what makes the view so perfect!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Computer Is No Good Without A Mouse...

So, here's how the story begins...

You see, after the horrific, wintry drive to NY I was elated to finally arrive safely. We unpacked my van, which was filled to the brim with our belongings, and we began to get settled in at my in-law's home.

About 2 days after we arrived, I was paying bills on my computer in the finished basement when all of a sudden it just shut down. It was very strange because the computer had been working fine since we had been given it (if you recall, we had a computer issue a few months ago and someone generously stepped in and blessed us with their older desktop).

Needless to say, I was completly stumped. The only thing I could surmise was that maybe the extremely cold temperatures somehow messed the computer up as I was "stranded" for a bit during the horrible storm on the drive to NY.

Over the next few days the computer issues continued. One minute it wouldn't turn on - the next it wouldn't turn off! It was frustrating to say the least.

About this same time, I began to notice a smell. For a few days I kept my mouth shut. Afterall, I was living with my in-laws...don't really want to rock the boat too much when you've got a free roof over your head!

Right around day three I finally lost it. The smell was deadly and I could no longer stand to go in the comptuer room at all. I finally told Donn that I thought something must have died in there.

Being the sweet studly hubbie that he is; he proceeded to take down all the basement ceiling tiles in search for the wretched stench. After quite a little search, he located the dead mouse and the boys anxiously stood around watching as Daddy saved the day by dumping the nasty little creature in the garbage.

Crisis Averted - Or so we thought...

A few more days passed and I finally spoke up again:
"Honey, I know you just dumped a mouse, but the smell is still here! I can't believe such a little mouse could still be smelling up the house after being gone for 2 days!"

At this point, I think I was pushing the envelope a bit. Studly Hubbie responded with something to the degree of "so find it yourself" and I decided that the best option might just be if I kept my mouth shut.

Low and behold, about a week later, we packed up the minivan again and headed to our next destination of my parent's house (when you're livin' for free, sometimes you just gotta keep a movin ya'll!)

Donn packed my van to the gills again, but this time I had to drive directly from my in-laws to work, where my van sat all day before I could get to my parent's house to unload it.

As I opened my car door after work that day, I was immediately struck with the stench.

Now; my van doesn't ever smell peachy clean (after all, I have boys) but this was ridiculous. I actually muttered under my breath, "Oh's following us!"

I stormed through the door that night and declared, "MY VAN STINKS!!! Whatever stunk in your parent's house has now invaded my van! It's following us!! DO SOMETHING!"

Donn looked at me like a deer in headlights and said, "Cyndie, how could the smell be following us...seriously, think about that."

I screamed (without really thinking): "I DON'T KNOW! It's like it's in the computer or something!"

And that's when we must be the computer!

So, to wrap up this little story, let's just skip the juicy details about how the little mouse somehow thought my computer tower seemed like a cozy little penthouse and he burrowed his little squishy face right through the vent on the back.

Then let's not get into the details about how the furry little friend was clearly the stupidest animal known to man and he couldn't figure out where the exit door of said penthouse was.

And we won't elaborate on how bad the garage smelled when our cutey patootey little fuzz ball was removed from his little abode.

And we certainly won't explore the simple irony that before we moved our cuddly little buddy from his resting place, the computer was at least sporatically working - however, since his departure we can no longer get it to turn on!

And so, this is the moral of my story.

A computer really is no good without its mouse.

The End.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Tables Have Turned...

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be working full-time and that my husband would become the primary care-giver to our kids, I would never have believed you...but that's the reality of our world right now.

God has been so good to us and we both feel completely blessed. When all was said and done and I began working full-time, we added up the cost of daycare and found that if Donn was working we would actually be losing money.

It took a few days for us to both come to terms with what that really meant, but this morning I kissed my family goodbye as I headed out the door to work. In the meantime, Donn spent the day with Elle and Brekyn and worked on many details for the ministry.

As we look at the situation now, we can see that it is the most ideal situation. Since we have gotten here, Donn has been SO busy working that he's had very little time to get much ministry planning done. All of a sudden, he's finally got the time AND he gets to be with the kids.

We are all doing really well and feeling very blessed! God is good!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi ho ~ Hi ho... :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Normal...

Well, here we have it....this is the "new normal". Ta ta to the days of posting on my blog at 2pm while the babes slept snuggly in their beds during naptime.

As of Wednesday I will officially be re-entering the full-time work force (gulp)!

I GOT ME A JOB!!! Well, okay - GOD, got me a job! GO GOD!! YOU ROCK!

And so, it appears as though the new norm may look a bit more like me trying to write posts that make sense somewhere between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Good luck with that! :)

Don't worry, I won't be offended if you decide that my words come out like a drunken cow or my sense of humor gets really bad late at night. It doesn't matter. In 'Cyndie-land' anytime is a good time to be 'Always Talking!'

So, GO GOD for working out one major detail in this new adventure!

For those of you who are wondering, I will be the Marketing and Development Director for Hospice! I'm so excited to get to do Marketing for another company that I really can get excited about (like I was with the Eagles and Christian Adoption Services in Charlotte).

Now, onto another major decision. My sweet husband's job actually pays so little that it would be cheaper for him to stay home with the kids than for us to pay for day care (gulp for him).

Oh, how God keeps us on our toes! We'll let you know how that one turns out! :) Might want to say a prayer for Donn tonight! (truthfully, he's fine with whatever God leads us to do). Whatever gets this ministry off the ground! It's so exciting to see God unfold His plan!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lessons Learned From NY...

Just a few lessons from our time so far:

1) Don't assume that gas stations take credit cards- OR- if you do find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, play dumb (not too hard for me to do) and toss your hair as you talk about how you're from a "big city" and had no clue that a gas station could still exist without taking credit cards. Usually this tends to make the gas station clerk feel foolish for living in the year 2010 and being so behind the times. Tell him it's okay and all is forgiven and then release him to return behind the counter to listen to his 8 tracks.

2) Car pool lines don't exist when picking up your children from school.
"Carpool?? What do you mean by carpool? Um..Mrs. Truax, we don't have carpool lines 3:10 we open the front doors and the kids will come out of the building. It's your job to know what your kid looks like and try to wrangle him into your car."

That's what I call high-tech security! :)

3) Of course texting while driving is outlawed here!! It IS dangerous! As a matter of fact, DRIVING while driving should be outlawed here! How in the world could someone text while driving when you are constantly trying to keep your car from losing its front tires in the 4 million potholes in the road! Add in a few deer and a random turkey and you're really in trouble!

4) Recess is rarely outdoors during the winter because it's WAY too cold...however, if recess does happen to be outdoors, be sure to bring your snowpants because you'll be borrowing one of the school sleds and you'll have sledding races down the back hill.

And finally, perhaps the most critical lesson of all time....

5) When living with your in-laws NEVER - I repeat N-E-V-E-R take your Mother-in-law's travel mug from the cupboard. Apparently Mother-in-laws have a deep rooted connection to their travel mugs and if you want to keep a roof over your head it's best to avoid travel mugs all together. Stick to just stopping at Dunkin Donuts for your morning coffee:) (FYI- No Mother-in-laws were harmed in the writing of this post)(AKA-she told me to write it) :)

I Love NY!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What A Few Days!!

Whew....that's all I can say.

What a BUSY but great few days it's been!

I spent yesterday morning reconnecting with my friend from childhood who "ironically" just moved back to town last month. We had a great time getting our kids together to play and catching up. I know that I will NEVER replace the amazing friends that I have in Charlotte, but it definitely felt good to actually sit with another friend and sip tea again. God is good!

I then ran back to my parents house where I began opening the mail. I was blown away to open a $500 check from a friend of ours back in Charlotte. The timing was clearly of God because I had really been praying for God to hug me and remind me that He is in control of all of this adventure. I was shocked to find that gift and it immediately gave me peace.

I then received a phonecall from the person who I was supposed to meet with back in December regarding a Marketing Director position (back when I missed the interview because of the bad weather in Virginia). He asked if it would be possible to meet that afternoon at 4pm for our interview. I said "sure" and proceeded to jump in the shower and dig out my "fancy pants!"

Just as I finished getting ready for the interview, I received a phonecall from our amazing church back in Charlotte letting me know that they had collected money for C1 through their Christmas Eve offering and they would be mailing a check for over $2500 to the ministry! Praise GOD!!! If I hadn't been in my fancy pants with my cute high-heeled boots on, I may have actually run around the block screaming!

I then proceeded to the interview where after an hour and a half I was given a tentative job offer! Basically, if the Marketing Director position gets officially approved for the new budget, then I have been offered the job (possibly beginning as early as MONDAY - GULP!)!! I will hear on Saturday whether or not I begin work Monday!

And so, today has now been a whirlwind of finding out about daycares in the area and sorting through all the emotions. I can't help but praise God for all of these events. The thought of working full-time and being away from my kids is heartbreaking on many levels to me, but I can hardly look at this opportunity and ignore who has orchestrated it all. God is SO GOOD!

In the meantime, Donn continues to be swamped as he trains for his new position with the special needs facility. He has begun attending a bible study with Rob (our partner in the ministry) on Tuesday nights. The bible study reaches out to men who are associated with the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Gloversville. Donn has only attended 2 weeks of the study but it has quickly become his absolute favorite time of week. It is so encouraging to hear him talk about this precious time with these men!

God has been so faithful!

We continue to pray for His absolute direction and for the rest of the pieces to fall into place (such as the house selling in Charlotte). I find peace knowing that God is in control of it all!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Start...

Ayden began his first day at his new school today. I must admit, it was quite the experience. The "packing" alone seemed to take forever! If I hadn't known differently I would have sworn the little kid was going for a weeklong vacation. His backpack was HUGE! The days of packing a little snack and pencils are over.

Today we grabbed his backpack and crammed in boots, gloves, a hat, snowpants, extra sneakers and then we tried to fit a few school supplies in;).

He was a little nervous to meet new people but the minute he walked in the principal introduced him to about 5 other kids who are in his class. Ayden immediately gravitated toward another little boy and the two of them walked off together as I stood there praying for my little boy.

He's embarking upon something that I can honestly say I never experienced. Short of going to kindergarten, I never was the "new kid" at school. He asked me a ton of questions on the drive to school...things like, "Are there bullies at his new school" and "What do they do if they have indoor recess." It was clear that his mind was fixated on this day and I kept silently praying that God would give him courage. I was so proud when he turned to me and said, "Bye Mom."

This road of transition is FAR from over for our family but I am thankful for the little steps that we took today.