Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, first let me say that I have some incredible friends who are amazing homeschoolers. I myself; not so much. I gladly send Ayden off on the big yellow bus every morning and welcome him back with open arms every afternoon.
I love the idea of homeschooling but I've never felt very adequate as a homeschool mom. A few times I've wondered if I should be homeschooling but deep down inside I still worry that I'm not structured enough or don't have enough patience. As you can see, I've opted for public school for the time being.

However, I must admit that something inside of me must have a bit of my mother's DNA (my mom is like the superstar of all teachers). For example, I LOVE looking at homeschooling blogs and I also LOVE going in the teacher stores!

Recently I was on the most amazing homeschool blog known to man and I came across "lapbooks". The best way I can describe lapbooks are that you pick a topic (giraffes, George Washington, Scuba Diving; whatever). Then you make a bunch of "mini books" or small projects that relate to that topic.
For example, for giraffes you might have a "mini book" that talks about where giraffe's live and what they eat. You might also have a mini book about how tall a giraffe is and then you might decide to relate that to measurements and do a little lesson on using a ruler etc.
In the end, you put all of these little mini books together on a file folder and you end up with a "lapbook" which describes all the things you learned when you studied a giraffe.

I decided that even though I'm not feeling called to homeschool right now, it might be fun to do some lapbooks to get Ayden's mind going as summer winds down and school creeps up.

Soooo, here is our first attempt at a lapbook. We basically stole everything from my friend Carisa's blog (thanks Carisa!) and Ayden has had a blast! We are working on a lapbook about money.
Ayden already knows basic values of money and things of that nature so some of it was review for him, but the part that has been most fun has been researching some things that he didn't know about (like mints and the history of money).
We're not completely done but I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished "book" when we complete it.

In the meantime, if you're dying to do a lapbook yourself (or you just want to see a picture of a completed one), jump on over here to get all the free templates from Carisa's amazing blog!


Carisa said...

YAY!!!! Go Cyndie...I'll have you homeschooling before long....ha ha!!!

Julie said...


You know I'm pulling for you to feel confident enough to homeschool. It's a BLESSING!!!
My first two kids were in Christian school for four and two years before our third one was getting ready to start, and we changed to homeschooling. It had been nagging at us...so to speak.
Well, let's just say that TODAY...
we know well that it was conviction , a calling from God to take our kids and their daily environment and the influences competing with what we were trying to disciple ...and to bring it all home and trust Him to help us through that frightening step of taking our kids future into our hands. It's great! Where you feel inadequate or weak, God will prove His adequacy and strength. YOU will grow and change and learn probably MORE than your kids! Homeschooling is not just about teaching your kids subjects. It's a lifestyle. You don't know it, but you are homeschooling all day every day. You have been since your kids were born. How did they learn to talk, and know about their world and all the stuff in it? You taught them. You answered their questions. As our kids get older....homeschooling is about teaching them how to learn and find out things for themselves. How to research and find the answers, just like how you show them how to know about God. You go and open the Bible. You take them ourside and let them experience nature. You tell them about lightning and storms, and birds, and worms and dirt, and math, counting m&m's, and money and skin when it gets scraped and scabs, etc etc....
You know how to homeschool. You just add the resources and materials to what you already know how to do, girl! And there's TONS of that, and support groups.
I'm rooting for you. My kids are the most awesome gifts in this world that we have. I wouldn't change our decision to HS for anything!!!!!

Flamingo Mama said...

1st off....who said you have to be structured and organized to homeschool? you don't right? please tell me you don't have to be structured.:) I'm not homeschooling YET either, but I highly love the thought...minus the part that we don't get a break from the kids. I am seriously considering it for the future. You are lucky to have friends that do...I have no friends that do!

Anyway, I heard of lapbooks before..perhaps this would be a great last week before summer ends activity!