Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Incredible!! That's what our weekend in Maine was!

We left on Friday after work and had a wonderful few days of building lasting friendships, praying together, collecting shells on the beach, getting tattoos (yes, I said that-Donn - not me), shopping at the outlets and having dinner cooked by the guys!

What a busy and fun-filled time!

If I had any idea how much God would pull together in such a short amount of time, I probably would have exploded. During amazing conversations and prayer time while the kids were in bed, the core 6 of us were able to iron out some major details with regards to planning and ministry focus.

At times, I would sit there, listening to all that was going on around me, and I would realize, once again, that I am in the midst of a miracle. Just over 5 months ago, the concept of what God is using us for was nothing more than a dream that Donn and I hashed out at our kitchen table hundreds of miles away!

And yet, today that dream is becoming a reality. It's baby steps and hard work. It's leaps of faith and fighting fear. It's trusting God more than you trust yourself and it's a lot of new territory...but it's reality.

It's a reality that truly took my breath away as I stood in a row on Sunday morning and realized that the 6 of us (who barely knew each other a few months ago) were now worshiping together as we embark upon these new waters.

And I can't help but think...if God can do all this in just a matter of a few months, what might He do with more time?

Stayed tuned in the coming week for updates on the C1 site (www.changeof1ministry.com)

Events are being planned ya'll! Our ministry partners will be introduced and God will be glorified!

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katybug said...

If I can manage to see through my tears leaping out my eyes and streaming down my cheeks, I would like to comment.

It's peace I feel, and astonishment in the midst of that peace, and also gratitude. The Truax family is safe in the palm of the Almighty's hand.

Rhett and I had the tiniest glimpse of what you were sacrificing to head North for Him.

God has used y'allto make an indelible mark on many lives for The Kingdom while serving in the Charlotte metro area, and you're getting ready to do it all over again in NY.

I stand amazed and in awe, really, of the quality of life you and Donn choose to make for your children; you hear His voice and obey. And those of us who remain rather frozen in our safe little Christian worlds stand back and watch His miracles unfold, countless times over and over again. We all could stand these kinds of blessings if only . . .

I'm humbled.

Much love to each one of you.