Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever have one of those days...

When you're heading up to bed, but you can't quite make it! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Reality...

Sometimes there's just nothing left to do but admit the reality.

Sometimes the reality is simple.

Sometimes you can know for certain that you are living God's will, but you can long with deep sadness for days gone by.

Sometimes you just ache...

Sometimes you miss your deep friendships that were closer than you ever knew friends could be...The friends who knew exactly what you were like and loved you anyway.

Sometimes you miss the life of being the one who leads Bible studies instead of the one who leads Fundraising meetings.

Sometimes you miss the days of waking up and having time to get your own kids dressed for the day.

Sometimes you just miss yourself.

You...the way you used to be...The writer who had time to write. The leader who had time to study.

Lord, I pray for a thankful heart and for the strength to remember that, even on bad days, You are the reason we are here and You are worth it.

I pray for glimpses of You and reminders of who I am in You.

I pray for more of You.