Friday, May 30, 2008

Praise God For Hokey Homes...

There's no doubt about…I am far from a morning person AND YET; here’s the weird thing; morning is my most favorite time of day!

You see, the simple act of dragging myself out of bed is torturous to me. I hem and haw (and yes, I am one of those people who presses the snooze button for an hour or more). I always have good intentions; but I rarely follow through. In the end, I drag myself out of bed at the drop dead last minute (AKA: just enough time to get Ayden ready for school).

However, once I’m awake; I couldn’t think of a more perfect time of the day! The sun is rising, the coffee is brewing (one of God’s greatest miracles, I believe), and everyone is refreshed and anticipating what this new day will hold.

This morning I sat at the kitchen table and thought about how truly blessed I am. Each and every morning, my incredible husband makes us all breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns, and today we even had bacon)! He pours me a coffee (mixed to perfection with french vanilla creamer) and then my most favorite tradition of all begins…we sing.

Okay, I know that sounds incredibly hokey…it is hokey really. But this hokey little tradition has become one of my favorite parts of the day. It started years ago when I bought a package of eggs… I know that sounds absurd, but it’s true.

You see, I bought some eggs at my local store and when I opened them up I noticed that they had a bible verse on the inside. Truly something you would only see in the South!! The minute I saw the verse I was reminded of a song that many of us learned at summer camp as kids. I began singing the song to myself and the rest is history.

This morning, as I was thinking about how blessed I am, I thought I would grab my camera and give you all a glimpse into a morning at our hokey little home. PRAISE GOD for hokey homes!

As a side note: Please don’t judge me on my singing ability…you’ll remember from the post a few days ago that I’ve already admitted I can’t sing!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome 'She Speaks' Friends!!

WELCOME To all of my friends who I can't wait to meet at 'She Speaks 2008'!! I'm so glad to have you peruse my little blog (it really makes me excited to see my little counter-thingy at the bottom of the page climbing!!) I can't wait to meet you all in less than a month. I would write more, but I'm too busy looking at all of your blogs today and nap time is almost over!!:)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Carmen and Isamar UPDATE...

This update came through to me this morning. PLEASE continue to pray for these precious girls and Angie and her family. (See update from Angie below):

It's with great sadness that I report that the DNA test is Positive.

I can't put words into how I feel right now.I have said all along that I want the best for Isamar and I really do but it still hurts, it still feels like someone stuck a knife through my heart. Pray for Terry and I as we wait to hear what will happens now.

The dad will go through a home study to determine if he meets the requirements. Basically, if he has a house at all, a job at all and is walking and talking he will qualify. Poverty does not play a role in this decision and the best situation for Isamar doesn't count either.

I know that God loves Isamar more than I do and He wants the best for her. He sees the big picture and knows all. No matter how my heart feels and what my head tells me I am trusting in Him.If Isamar is to be in my home she will be. Nothing will stop that.

Please pray for Isamar and Carmen. They plan on telling her soon and I know they will be devastated. Breaking them apart will be very difficult for both the girls. They will need a lot of love and counseling. Most important they will need our prayers.

I was reminded tonight as my heart broke into a thousand pieces that the pain I felt, as bad as it was, was nothing compared to the pain God must have had when He gave His son to die for us. Jesus died so that we would have life. Everlasting Life. A future, Hope, Dreams, Desires, A family, A never ending love. He died for Isamar's future also. I must trust in that.

There are no words to describe how I feel tonight, so I rest in Gods word that My Joy comes to me in the Morning.Thanks for all your prayers. The battle is not over. Don't stop praying, pray harder.

God Bless,

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


If you ask my Mom, she would probably tell you that I quit just about everything that I ever started as a child. Who knows, maybe she’s right…

Gymnastics…hmm..maybe 6 months. THEY PRACTICED ON SATURDAYS Y’ALL!

Chess Club…come on; who really wants to be in chess club...I was just there because of a cute boy.

Basketball…okay, really…How tall am I? I was the queen of the potty shot though!

Singing group…actually I stuck with this one for a few years….I think I quit when I finally realized that I couldn’t sing:)!

Piano…UGGH! Enough said!


The truth is; I guess I didn’t have the best track record for following through with things. In reality, I think I was just one of those people who loved to try new things.

New adventures everyday!

New people to meet!

I think my mom and dad stuck it out in hopes that maybe I would one day find an actual talent! :)

So, fast forward some 30 years and here I sit today. I must admit, I still love new adventures and I still LOVE to meet new people. Some things never change, I guess.

Although the one thing that has changed is that I now dread the thought that I may start something and never finish it. I guess that all those years of gaining the reputation of “quitter” have finally taught me some lessons. I am now OVERLY cautious about starting anything unless I know that I can commit to finishing it. In reality, I think that is why it took me so long to finally get over my fear of actually using my gift of writing. Now, I am not saying that my writing will ever go anywhere; however, once I committed to actually starting a book, my biggest fear immediately became that I wouldn’t ever finish it.

And this is where you come in…I am calling in the troops on this one.

In less than one month I will be attending my first ever writing/speaking conference through Proverbs 31 ministry. I have looked into attending this conference for years but never felt God saying that the time was right…until this year.

As part of this conference, you are able to set up 2 meetings with publishers to pitch a book (if you have one to pitch). I have set up my meetings and am now working on pulling together a few concrete chapters and a proposal to pitch this book that I am writing about Godly confidence for women. The book is written just the way that I write…nothing frills…life stories and hopefully some laughter. It’s pretty much just like this blog.

Here’s where you come in. I am really struggling right now. I have the chapters but they’re far from perfect. I can’t come up with the proposal to save my life and, more than anything, I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to focus!!

Please, please pray for me!!

I said to Donn this morning that my biggest fear is NOT of rejection…that’s such a likely outcome that I don’t fear it. My biggest fear is simply of quitting. I want to leave it all on the field. I want to put everything I’ve got into this and then walk away knowing that the Lord can do what He chooses. Rejection or not…I want to be able to stand before God one day and smile knowing that I put my entire heart into this thing that He has CLEARLY called me to do.

Sisters, please pray for me as you think to. Pray for the Lord to touch me and use my gifts however He chooses. Pray for me to focus and to give everything I’ve got to this book. Pray for the Lord to use this opportunity to help me grow in faith and trust. This blog has become such a neat community of friends to me and I can't tell you all how much you have blessed my life!

And, for the record…I stuck with the drama team for years…Oh yea, and my dancing teacher actually quit on me! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brekyn's Third Birthday!!

Who can beat a fireman birthday?
Brekyn had a blast with a few of his best buds and greatly enjoyed a big red gift from some of the greatest grandparents a kid could ask for
(what are grandparents for if not to chip in for the gift that Mom and Dad can't afford!) :)

Complete with tree climbing, cake eating and even a bit of life rescuing (as you'll hear in the video)!

Thank heaven for little boys!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Please visit the 'Meet Maria' video at the bottom of the screen to be introduced to this precious little girl who is now dancing with Jesus.
My heart is broken today to hear that Steven Curtis Chapman's family has suffered the loss of their youngest daughter, 5 year old Maria.

Maria was tragically killed yesterday when her older brother accidentally backed into her with his car while leaving their home in Tennessee - such a tragedy that could happen to any one of us.

As a mother, I have tears in my eyes to think of the horrible emotions that everyone in this family is suffering right now.

For those of you who are new to our family's life, you may not realize the role that Steven and Marybeth Chapman have played in our family. Because of their generosity, we now hold our precious daughter Elle.

Please pray fervently for this family during this time.

I can barely breathe as I process this tragedy... but I can pray.

These are our brothers and sisters and they are an amazing family.

Pray for healing.

Pray for their son who must be suffering deeply.

Pray for restoration.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby in a tree...

This is pretty great! My sister-in-law sent this to me:
Take a good look at this picture and you'll see a baby!
Don't look too hard or it won't work.
I'll give you a hint...the head is to the left!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UPDATE on Nicaraguan Soccer Team!!

Once again; I stand in amazement at God's answer to prayer!

If you remember, a few weeks ago I asked for prayer for a Nicaraguan soccer team that is comprised of former gang members etc. who have found the Lord and now play soccer as a way of evangelism. This team had captured my heart and when I heard that they had a need for 22 pairs of cleates I asked for your prayers that God would provide these cleates.

I write today to say that God is great!! Becuase of a small Christian school in Charlotte that is also taking a missions trip to Nicaragua this July, we now have 22 pairs of BRAND NEW CLEATES! To top it off, they are also providing the team with new uniforms and soccer balls!! Can you believe it!! I am in awe of God's goodness! Thank you Lord!!

Let us never question how much He cares for all of our needs!! EVEN CLEATES!:)

I will be sure to publish pictures once the team receives their gear this Summer!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What can I say?

I love my husband with all my heart. He is truly the most amazing and loving best friend in the world. He loves me like no one else ever could. I am greatly blessed....


He does have a few weird quirks. :)

I think my most favorite 'quirk' is his weed whacking attire.

Donn has actually become a bit of a legend for this little quirk. You see, years ago he decided that he was sick and tired of having all of the debris fly back and hit his legs while weed whacking. However, being that we live in the south, he also can't stand wearing heavy jeans in the heat of the day....SO...he took his soccer background and put it to a good purpose.

He is now known in our neighborhood for his lawncare attire. Lucky for me; I also have a little boy who wants to be just like daddy. The other day I just cringed when I went out back and found Brekyn helping dad with the lawn....

Come on; let's take a closer look...

Who knows; maybe this will become the latest fashion trend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Carmen and Isamar...

Carmen and Isamar
I have often heard it said that when the internet was invented, the world became a bit smaller. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. The internet has allowed me to become friends with people from all over the United States and to share life’s journey with people who I may never meet in person until we get to Heaven.

Today, I am grateful to have this wonderful technology because it has the power to bring God's people together for a very specific common goal. As internet Sisters we have already seen God’s powerful answers to some amazing prayers.

Today I’d like to ask one more time for your deep prayers for a dear friend of mine who is in the midst of a very major struggle.

Angie and her husband are in the very final stages of an adoption of two beautiful little girls named Carmen and Isamar from Nicaragua. Angie has a ministry that travels often to Nicaragua and works with orphan children. Many years ago Angie began visiting this particular orphanage and over time the Lord laid it on her family’s heart to bring Carmen and Isamar into their family. Carmen and Isamar are half sisters who share the same mother but have different fathers.

Angie and her husband have spent countless months (and years) going through the legal process of bringing their daughters home. In theory, Angie should be travelling to Nicaragua next month to finally hold her little girls, pack their bags and bring them back to the States. HOWEVER, the Lord has allowed a curve ball to be thrown into the mix.

Just a few months ago, after years and years of no contact, A man claiming to be Isamar’s father heard the news that his 'daughter' (whom he had surrendered to the orphanage years earlier) was going to be adopted and would be moving to the USA. Upon hearing this news, he entered the orphanage and demanded he be given full custody of his ‘daughter’.

Obviously, Angie and her husband were devastated. They are now in the midst of waiting to hear the results of a DNA paternity test which will likely determine whether or not they are able to bring Isamar home.

Carmen and Isamar are also devastated. After all these years, they have dreamt of nothing more than one day getting out of this orphanage and being adopted into a family that has already shown them more love than they’ve ever known. Now, they are being told that one of them will be able to move, but the other one may have to stay and will go to live with her birthfather who left her alone and abandoned her entire life. Isamar does not want to be with her birthfather, yet he now threatens to keep her from a life of happiness and love.

I am specifically asking for prayer today because the DNA results were supposed to be back yesterday and Angie is now getting mixed messages from Lawyers who are “having trouble locating” the results.
I can only equate this pain to the pain I would have over losing a child. In every single way, Isamar is Angie’s daughter. She is as much a part of Angie as any child could be. To Isamar, Angie is the only mother she has ever had. To face the fact that Isamar may not come home is truly unbearable.

Please, please pray for Carmen and Isamar. Pray for their hearts upon hearing the final verdict. The pain that could come from being separated is immense.

Please pray for Angie and her husband as they await these results. They have trusted God through this entire situation and yet their bodies and hearts are very tired now. Please pray for their peace and courage.

Above all, please pray that God’s will be done. We know full well that our plans are not always His plans. We want nothing more than His will to be done. We pray that Satan would be bound up and that God would reign in this situation.

Thank you Sisters (and Brothers) for standing alongside of this family with me. We serve an awesome God and I am forever grateful for that.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh My!!!

Over the years as I dreamt of one day having a daughter, I dreamt of the special times we would getting our nails done and teaching her to do her makeup...

I guess that if I actually grow my nails, I will be able to share that experience with Elle.

What about the makeup part?

Well, let's just say that maybe I'll just leave that up to Brekyn...he apparently has a flair for it (oh my:)!

PS. Brekyn took my DARKEST blush out of my purse yesterday and I came into the kitchen where I found him looking like he'd been in some bar fight... :) I will be certain to hang onto this photo for his rehearsal dinner one day:)!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking my eyes off of myself...

I got an email from a friend the other day that just broke my heart. She is a dear friend of mine that I have known for years. The email described some of the really tough trials and decisions that she and her family have had to make over the last few months. I sat with my jaw dropped to the floor and one verse immediately came to my mind:

“Don’t think only about your own affairs, but be interested in others too, and what they are doing.” Phillipians 2:4

I was mortified…ashamed…completely slapped upside the head by God. How had I let all of this time go by without being in touch with my oldest friend in this world? Come to think of it, I even vaguely remember her voice on my machine a few months ago….did I ever even return that call?!

Life gets busy…I know all of the excuses: Kids, jobs, houses, spelling words, carpools, meals, new jobs, grocery lists, dentist appointments, church and on and on and on. It’s a reality of life but it’s just not acceptable to me and I don’t believe that based on Phillipians 2:4, it is acceptable to God either.

I am a firm believer in relationships. Relationships take time and energy. Relationships take effort and encouragement. Relationships take relating!

So, what did I do? I got in touch with my friend and apologized profusely for being such a slack friend and for letting go of my end of the relationship. Of course, being that we’ve been friends for years, we sat and talked for an hour about life and all of its ups and downs.

As I hung up the phone I couldn’t help but thank the Lord. Thank you Lord that I have friends in this world that love me even when I’ve messed up. Thank you that I am forgiven by them and that our relationships have stood the test of time. Thank you for good old friends.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

I’ve been ‘tagged’ by my friend Billie! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tagging concept…it pretty much means that Billie has asked me some questions that I need to answer and share with the world (or at least all 3 of you who are so kind to read my blog)!:)

Here Goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Basking in my engagement to the biggest stud on the planet (May 1st, 1998 to be exact) and feverishly making plans for a wedding that was still 13 months away (because that’s just my style)!

5 things on your to do list for today:

1) Stay sane (that is a goal that I put on the top of everyday’s to-do list!)

2) LAUNDRY!!! (4 loads to be exact - UGGH)

3) Shower (lofty goals I realize)!

4) Sit on my patio a bit (I have made it a recent goal to take at least 10 minutes every day and sit on my patio (yesterday it was too windy so today I’m allowed 20 minutes!)

5) Edit chapter 5 of the book I’m working on (this has been on my list for a solid month now)!

5 things you would do if you were a billionaire:

Hmm….well, since Donn is a youth pastor and I’m an Executive Home Specialist (as I like to call myself), you know that we’re just rolling in the dough..therefore, these are goals that I fully expect we will have accomplished in the next year or so:)!

1) Go on a missions trip with my Mom

2) Start some ministry…over the years I have kicked around everything from a crisis pregnancy ministry to a youth program, to a single mom’s ministry and more recently an orphan related ministry…Ahhh…quite the dreamer! Probably this is the reason God doesn’t make me a billionaire…I can’t nail down my passions!:)

3) Buy Donn a really great boat and Harley

4) Take a honeymoon (we’re shooting for our 10th anniversary on this one but who knows – we said that about our 5th anniversary also). (FYI, our original “honeymoon” was a two day stay in Maryland as we drove from NY to our new home.

5) Buy a lake house next to my parent’s in NY…and, while I’m at it I guess I would buy a jet too so we can get there in less than 16 hours. Why not, I’m a billionaire right?

Name 3 bad habits:

Who me? Gee, I’ll try to come up with a few:)

1) My nails…we all know it…I constantly bite them (I’m actually working on that one)!

2) My mouth…just look at the title of my blog…ALWAYS TALKING…it’s a blessing and a curse ya’ll!

3) Swiss cake rolls!!! Lord have mercy…I wish they were never invented!!! They’re just too yummy!!

List 5 jobs you have had:

1)”Deli worker” (little known fact: I actually wore a cow hat, cow apron and sliced meat like you can’t imagine…well, until I cut my finger tip in the meat slicer and ended up in the hospital…I wasn’t asked back to that job)!

2)”Executive Coffee getter, dry-cleaning taker, parking ticket payer” for a Film Director in Los Angeles – UGGH! (clearly this was an internship!)

3) )”Executive Coffee getter, dry-cleaning taker, parking ticket payer” for a Film Director in Los Angeles – NOPE, I’m not an idiot who just messed up and wrote this twice….I ACTUALLY HAD TWO INTERNSHIPS LIKE THIS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4)Television Production Assistant

5)Marketing Director

List 5 books that you have recently read:

1) the Bible :)

2) 90 Minutes in Heaven (AMAZING)!!

3) Mistaken Identity

4) Shepherding a Child’s Heart

5) The Most Important Place on Earth

Friends I'm tagging next:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Fun!

I was incredibly blessed this Mother's Day to be awoken by some little boys who showered me with cards and paper flowers and a bowl of Kix in bed.

We spent an amazing day together and Donn cooked up some great steak on the grill for dinner! After dinner the boys brought out a dessert treat of fresh fruit and swiss cake rolls (my favorite)!!! Somehow the fruit mixed in with the swiss cake rolls actually made it seem like a healthy snack!:)

It was such a blessing to have my family all around me and to be holding little Elle. Just a few months ago I would have told you that I wasn't sure if she'd be home in time for Mother's Day this year! A perfect day!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Mommy, I'm going to live with you forever."

My 6 year old started crying the other day when we were talking about him getting older.

“Before I know it Ayden, you’ll be going off to college and getting married.”

“I don’t want to get married Mom.”

“Why don’t you want to get married?”

“Because, I don’t want to move out. I’m going to live with you forever.”

The words echoed in my ears. Ayden didn’t know it, but inside I wept a bit to hear him say that.

Not because the thought of him living here when he’s 43 really scared me (though it would be a bit of a problem).

No, what Ayden doesn’t know is that I once spoke those exact words…many years ago.

Many years ago I looked into my mother’s beautiful blue eyes and declared:

“Mommy, I’m going to live with you forever.”

At the time I think it slightly panicked my mom who was in the depths of dealing with a high-maintenance and extremely social, frizzy haired little girl (I know it’s hard to imagine me as high-maintenance)!

However, now I sit, some 20 years later, and I think of those words many years ago:

I think of the way my mommy used to put my hair in pig tails

I think of the hideous outfits that she used to make me wear to school (FYI, sailor suits are just not cool)!

I think of the times she would meet me to walk home from school together

I think of the many shopping trips

I think of coming downstairs in the morning to find her reading her bible in the sunroom

I think of the countless frozen waffles that she would toast and then get too busy to eat

I think of all the ballet recitals that she excitedly sat through

I think of the many Halloween costumes that she made one stitch at a time

I think of the “taxi service” that she provided for me and my friends

I think of the way she made me jump up and down 10 times as the cure for boo-boos

I think of the punishments of standing nose to nose with my sister until we could laugh and stop fighting

I think of the way she talked me through 10th grade math and 12th grade heart ache

I think of the way she cried when I got engaged and the many tears we both shed when I packed up the U-haul and drove 15 hours away toward my new life with my husband.

“Mommy, I’m going to live with you forever.”

It stings a bit to hear my little boy say those words to me now. He means them with all his heart, just as I meant them so many years ago.

But, I know the reality.

I know that life moves on and wings get stronger.

I know that kids become adults and adults plant their own roots.

I know of the tears that will come when my children are one day led away…

“Mommy, I’m going to live with you forever.”

And yet…

Maybe there’s more to it than just geography?

Each day as I make my children ‘jump up and down 10 times’, or I leave a waffle in the toaster for 3 hours, I am reminded that maybe my mother isn’t really all that far away.

In fact, maybe she is right with me in every moment.

After all, who taught me how to deal with frizzy hair?

Who taught me how to break up sibling arguments?

Who taught me that we must rise above disappointments?

Who taught me that God comes first?

After all, who taught me to be a Mom?

And so, I guess I’ll say it again…

“Mommy, I’m going to live with you forever.”

You are forever a part of who I am.

You have helped shape me into the woman I am and you will never be farther away than my heart.

May my children one day be able to say the same about their Mommy.

“Mommy, I’m going to live with you forever.”

Happy Mother’s Day.
I love you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just one of those days...

Just one of those days….

The man at the post office yelled at me today. ..

Some guy in a red car cut me off and then had the nerve to honk at me…

4,000 errands to run in 1 hour…

“Mommy, I’m mad at you.”

Where did that dog run off to now???

“Mommy, my teacher is WAAAAY smarter than you.”

How many loads of laundry can one person handle?

I hate spelling words!

“Mom, I want to be in a family where I can do anything I want.”

Just one of those days…

I am amazed…as I sit here and read the sentences that describe my day, I am actually chuckling. Life is just like this some days…

There’s only one thing left to do:


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who can complain?

SO, who can really complain?
One morning you wake up to a little boy puking on your feet...
a few days later you wake up to a viking eating frosted flakes. :)

Sidenote: Yes, Brekyn does in fact have pants on here.. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Just Move On...

This is the conversation that I heard in the backseat last night as we drove home from Youth Group.

Ayden: “Hey Brekyn, do you know what Jesus did for you?”

Brekyn: “Nope.”

Ayden: “He died on a cross and came back to life….did you know that?”

Brekyn: “Nope.”

Ayden: “And, did you know that right when He died it got all dark outside and the big curtain in the church fell?”

Brekyn: “Nope.”

Ayden (obviously, feeling very good about his biblical knowledge at this point): “Yup, it just tore right in half and fell down!”


Brekyn: “Why?”

Ayden: “Because Jesus died on the cross and the curtain ripped”

Brekyn: (slightly agitated) “Whhyy?”

Ayden: “Because when He died the curtain fell down and I guess it tore when it fell.”

Brekyn: (increasingly agitated) “But, WHHHYYYY?”

Ayden: (In a loud voice) “Brekyn, don’t you get it? Jesus died... it got dark outside and the curtain tore!!”

Brekyn: (in a very loud voice) “BUT WHY?”

Ayden: (at the top of his lungs) “BREKYN, LET’S JUST MOVE ON!”

Mommy’s interjection: Notice I didn’t interrupt this little discussion.

First off, I was too curious about how the conversation would end (and I was very impressed that my 6 year old knew anything about the curtain in the temple)!

Secondly, I myself couldn’t come up with a very effective way of describing why the temple curtain was torn in half to my two year old.

Luckily, Ayden came up with a great line that I will commit to memory and likely use in many future conversations…

I can just see it now:

Brekyn: "Mommy, what are the birds and bees?"

Mommy: “Brekyn, let’s just move on…” :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Way to go Mom!!

Someone out there has actually been reading this blog! What a crack up!

I have to admit that when I began this blog just about 2 months ago, I figured it would be something that my sweet mom (and maybe Donn) would read, and that's where it would end.

If you notice, at the bottom left of the blog there is this really cool counter thingy (that's the technical term). It tracks how many people click on the blog (and even how long they stay on)!

Now, let me be honest here and let you know that the counter is "slightly" off. You see, when I first started my blog, I didn't want to look like a TOTAL loser. Soooo, I actually started the counter at 100 instead of 0...pretty tricky I know. However, since that day I haven't touched it! I promise!

Well anyway, I just took a little gander at the counter and noticed that it's up over 1100!!! That's pretty exciting! You see, that means that someone out there has actually clicked on my blog over 1000 times! Way to go MOM!! (obviously, my mother has too much time on her hands!)

So, a big thanks to all 2 of you out there who continuously check out my blog and make me feel 'special,' I really appreciate it!

As a side note...I think Donn has actually only read my blog twice.:) This will be a test. If he comes home and yells at me tonight for writing about him, then I'll know he's reading it also! If not, then I guess I'll have to start writing about some of his most embarassing moments!:) Stay tuned!:)

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Little Funny for a Friday...

This 2 minute video from had me cracking up...perhaps it's because it's so true to life at our house!:)

Oh the joys of children!:)

Have yourself a laugh and enjoy your weekend!:)
(See "Charlie" video below all the posts)