Saturday, June 7, 2008

We can't have naked baseball players running around!

HELP! There are going to be naked Baseball Players running around! Now, before you all jump in your cars and head to the nearest ball field; please let’s see if there’s something that can be done about this.

You see, my good friend Angie (who is the adoptive mother of Carmen and Isamar) runs a ministry that travels to Nicaragua to minister to the people in the remote villages. As part of that ministry, she ministers to the orphans as well as to the older boys and young men. In Nicaragua, there is one major sport that supercedes all others….BASEBALL!

Well, you’ll never believe how the Lord has blessed this ministry. A man from the area heard that Angie was going to be heading to Nicaragua in 2 weeks and he heard about her baseball ministry. The ministry caught his attention and he worked it out to have his sports store donate 37 Major League Baseball jerseys to the men who play on this village team. THESE ARE $100 JERSEYS YA’LL!

After Angie’s heart stopped pounding, she started to realize that it would be a bit weird to provide the team with baseball jerseys to use as their team uniform but not to give them anything to wear on their bottom half! Though it may make for an interesting picture; it certainly would not be appropriate!

Angie then contacted another person who lives locally and he agreed to have his shop sell her baseball pants for each player at cost AND without any shipping!

And so; this is the deal: Angie’s ministry work is supported 100% by people like you and I. Every dime she spends is very carefully planned out in order to make these ministries effective. She has the opportunity to help this baseball team receive these amazing complete uniforms for just $200! Can you believe it? Just $200! And yet, she needs some help. She has spent her budget for this trip and doesn’t have $200 to spend on this. Can you help?

If you feel led to help her; please visit her site and check out her ministry.

It’s such a small amount when a few of us come together to donate a bit!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

If you plan on donating money; please email Angie at, to let her know the amount that you will be sending. The trip leaves in just a few days so there is no time to spare.

All checks can be made to THE POWER OF ONE MINISTRY and mailed to
198 Mellwood Dr. Charlotte, NC 28214

Thanks so much friends for praying about this need. I realize there are MANY ministries that we can choose to help out, and I am honored to be able to introduce you to another wonderful one that is making a difference in the world.

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